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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Life Is Movement and Movement Is Life!

Only our body can control our every move!

It brings us to the amazing journey of life, carries our joys and sorrows, all our experiences and memories. Chronic, bad habits, a demanding daily routine, hereditary diseases, illnesses, intense rhythms, injuries... Whatever we experience is permanently marked on our body.

With our main focus the improvement of human well-being, we have been creating innovative health products since 1910, completely focused on the protection, treatment and optimum body support and function.

Our goal is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone and to show people how to use their body in its full potential with its immense strength abilities, the beneficial properties of bracing and the inexhaustible wisdom of nature.

Alexandra Christou – 4th generation



Christou 1910 is a healthwear brand inspired by life itself! Showing the utmost respect and understanding for people, their modern needs and proper body care, our brand stands for a new contemporary lifestyle ensuring more movement, comfort and security for everyone. Our driving principle is that quality and stylish health products are a fundamental privilege for all, so we have made sure that they are easily accessible in different healthwear corners from supermarkets to shopping malls and airports, combining high-quality with affordable prices. The concept of healthwear, that is wearable, protective health accessories, is directly intertwined for us with the philosophy of social virtue. No annoyance or pain should stand as an obstacle to smiling and enjoying life!

Our vision for the prosperity and sustainability of the planet, more broadly, is also evident in the way we choose to create our products. Our interest in the environment and our ecological consciousness are reflected in all of our production processes, from the selection of raw materials to recyclable packaging, producing less pollutants and operating with the utmost respect for the environment.

Our Philosophy

Our Body Strength Is the Driving Motivation Behind Our Every Step

Having the know-how, the modern look and the vision for the next dynamic steps, Alexandra Christou and Dimitris Hadjikokkinos, fourth-generation successors of the family business, Christou 1910, continue to create innovative health products by introducing for the first time worldwide the science of clinical aromatherapy in their design and production. Christou 1910 anthropocentric project develops with new design collections signed by renowned designers, according to the principles of the international scientific community, always using natural raw materials and maintaining its moral status towards society and its individuals.

Being consistent in our values ​​as well as the long tradition of Christou 1910, encourages us to never be complacent. That's why we make sure our products are always up-to-date, meeting your needs in the most natural and tested way. Thus, new age bracing takes design a step beyond functionality, foot care evolves by combining the wisdom of nature and science, and compression technology releases the power that lies within our bodies!

The strength of our body and the wisdom of nature urges and motivates us to overcome ourselves every single day!

The human potential is infinite just like our physical strength
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