Advanced Back Support

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Christou 1910 super stylish belt is specially designed to perfectly support your back and offer relief to the spine helping the muscles relax. By increasing blood flow locally, it enables all the active blood components to work on the affected area and instantly relieve pain caused by lumbar area pain. With 4 flexible stays that enable natural body movement and additional side straps, it is easy to wear and support our back ensuring the feeling of security and comfort in every activity. Just like all our products, it should be hand washed in cold water.

Are you spending most of your day standing or sitting? Are you a professional photographer, doctor, bartender, chef or taxibeater? Or maybe an easy rider roaming around on your bike? A new mommy? Do you carry heavy things around? Perhaps you always had a lower back sensitivity or a troubled relationship with…lumbago? Well, don’t let it rule your life! Listen to what your back tells you to do and protect it in the most stylish way (you won’t regret it)!

8 out of 10 adults will experience some back pain in their lumbar spine at some point in their life. Despite what we may believe, our intervertebral discs are gradually degenerating, no, they are not as flexible as they were during puberty. What is more, sedentary life (those long hours in the office), a simple snap move, carrying heavy things, intense training or even painful menstruation can make these back pains even worse, and make us feel more vulnerable than ever! Every year 50% of adults will develop Lumbago and in most cases it is caused by external and not internal factors. Neglecting the symptoms can even lead to leg pain.

It's so
  1. Wrap the belt tight around your waist, leaving the straps behind.
  2. Cross over the 2 velcros.
  3. Pull the super flexible straps and bring them forward.
  4. Tighten the straps and attach them to the Velcro.
  5. Supports waist perfectly!
Advanced Back Support
Advanced Back Support
Advanced Back Support


All health and medical products should be neither unattractive nor boring. With this in mind we worked along with the edgy and multi-awarded designer Ioannis Solomozis with whom we created the Oxygen collection! Combining technical expertise and modern aesthetics as well as usability, we transformed them into appealing and beautiful health accessories, which are not to be hidden but you feel great putting them on.

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