Bunion Cushion with Bio-Organic Essential Oils


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What about this bunion! How come a small bone like that causes such pain? In order to make the life of those with a bunion much easier, Christou 1910 has designed this soft aid, which aligns the big toe and does not permit toes to overlap. Creating a protective film over the protruding bone, the pressure and abrasion from the shoes is reduced and the area becomes pain free. How is that? Through our one of a kind innovation: a healing combination of medical grade bio-organic essential oils (the purest you can find in nature) are released onto the skin in just 2’ from the moment you put on the aid. Having a unique analgesic, relaxing, healing and anti – inflammatory function, provided by Mother Nature, the pain from the bunion is soothed letting your sole soft and cool in the appropriate position. It can be worn with any kind of shoes and it is hand washed in cold water.

Certified essential oil of the Greek fauna and specifically originated in Parnonas. An oil with the most potent effect in wounds and inflammation. Analgesic, powerful in healing and regenerating the skin, muscle toner, it can soothe in a unique way bone and muscle inflammation.

Potent analgesic, powerful anti – inflammatory, anti – rheumatic, spasmolytic.

Eucalyptus citrus
Potent spasmolytic, powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, skin soothing and antifungal.

Lavandin Super oil
Potent spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, relaxing.

Mentha Piperita
Immediate effect anesthetic through cold, analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory.

Absorbs effectively all impurities and toxins from the skin.

It enables all the healing processes of the skin, regulates its PH and acts topically on irritations.

Bio-organic essential oils are living, natural extracts with a given life span. Every time they come in contact with your skin the patch releases its remedial mix, which is absorbed immediately through the foot’s skin. Regular use of the patches helps the problematic area heal, and relieves it from pain immediately, while receiving the maximum therapeutic potential of the essential oils, which act not only as a spa but also as a natural painkiller in the area. Forget all about pain the moment you put it on.

It's so
  1. Put the patch on the big toe.
  2. The silicone cushion softly embraces your bunion.
  3. In 2’ the soothing bio-organic essential oils are being released.
  4. Be careful putting on your socks or tights.
  5. Put on your shoes and… there you are!
Bunion Cushion with Bio-Organic Essential Oils
Bunion Cushion with Bio-Organic Essential Oils
Bunion Cushion with Bio-Organic Essential Oils


Therefore, we in Christou1910, with an absolute respect to people’s need for solutions of high quality and good health, we turned to nature to find a cure for the common problems our feet may have. We believe that what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. Taking an inquiring look around the enchanting kingdom of nature, in plant therapy and essential oils, you will discover that their vital energy and healing properties are inconceivable.


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