Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Socks

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Some feet need special care…

Similar to certain people, certain legs are more sensitive than others and need a little more care and attention. Our socks cover every of your needs in a gentle way… Thanks to a special finish on the calf, that is not too tight and therefore will not block the blood flow, and their anatomic seamless knitting, they prevent the formation of wounds and blisters and have a perfect fit on your feet without any wrinkles, for minimum friction and an extremely soft feeling. Warm in winter, cool in the summer, they keep moisture away from your feet, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi (athlete’s foot). Allow us to treat your sensitive legs in the most gentle and appropriate way! Try them on! Your feet are really going to feel the benefits!

Made of 82% cotton, 9% silver fibers, 6% polyamide and 3% elastane, our socks have a second-skin fit on your foot and constantly adjust to any movement you make. The ultra-soft – seamless – knit reduces friction to the minimum and embraces the foot without putting any pressure on it, while the thermoregulating fibers remove moisture and keep the feet warm in winter-cool in the summer, preventing the development of unpleasant odors. By continuously releasing ions of silver, the x-static fibers offer unique anti-microbial and antibacterial protection that is maintained throughout the life span of the socks and does not diminish with washing or over time.
Antiallergic and antistatic, they are especially designed to create a unique sense of well-being, comfort and health on all sensitive legs.

Suitable for people with diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis or neuropathy, people suffering from the so-called Athlete’s Foot or just people with sensitive legs.

10% of people living with diabetes, especially those with peripheral diabetic neuropathy, are likely to have an ulcer in their legs at some point. Keep your feet healthy from early on by wearing special socks.

Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Socks
Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Socks
Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Socks
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