Graduated Compression Knee-High Cotton Socks for Men

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Power socks for strong legs and no pain!

Our body is made to take much more than we think and do. Cotton socks of graduated compression can confirm it! Designed for dynamic men with intense lifestyles, they boost the blood flow to the heart, contributing to the better perfusion of all vital organs, thus, to an overall better body function. The continuous pressure exerted on the ankle protects against swelling, phlebitis and thrombosis, and helps you walk, work and stand on healthy, rested legs, feeling no pain. Try them out for a strong tread full of confidence and health.

The first time you put on the graduated compression socks, you might feel a slight pressure on your legs. Don’t worry though! Give your body a little time to get used to it and your legs will immediately experience the energy boosting effect of compression. It’s just like hitting the gym for the first time! It’s hard to get started but then you don’t quit because it’s so good for you!

With a special anatomic knit (66% cotton, 18% elastane, 16% polyamide) they fit perfectly to your legs and follow your every move staying in place at every moment. This is because its elastic finish keeps the socks in place, without being tight. Made of skin-friendly materials, they absorb sweat and are ideal for every season, while the reinforced heel and toe knit offers extra comfort at every step!

Actually everyone! And when we say everyone, we do mean it! Office workers, translators, people sitting for hours on end in front of the computer, those who take big trips, drivers, pilots, waiters… No matter what you do every day, whether you are sitting or standing for hours, these socks will change the quality of your life! Try them on and share your thoughts with us.

By the age of 60, almost 43% of men are expected to experience blood circulation problems associated with poor vascular function.

Graduated Compression Knee-High Cotton Socks for Men
Graduated Compression Knee-High Cotton Socks for Men
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