Kids Arch Support Insoles

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We have turned the proper development of a child’s foot into … Art!

The vivid imagination of children is triggered by the world of fantasy, superheroes and extraordinary monsters! So we have found a place for these imaginary creatures inside their shoes, so that our little friends can enjoy a carefree walk in an instructive, anatomical and entertaining way. Using Ortholite, foam material and open pores in the insole that allow the foot to breathe, Christou 1910 kids insoles support the foot arch as it develops and properly guide the child into taking its first steps since the tender age of 2 up to young adolescents. With an anatomic design, insoles provide the stability the kids need and protect their feet from injuries, flatfeet and experiencing orthopedic problems in the future. At the same time, they absorb the shocks in order to be able to run and play carefree, without getting tired or hurt! They are hand-washed in lukewarm water and can be easily cut at the right size according to your needs.

Since it is unlikely for our little friends to be able to detect and define possible feet problems they may experience and ask for help, we have gathered some indicative incidents that will help you acknowledge them early on:

  • Notice when they are easily tired during a stroll.
  • When they complain that they experience pain in the calves and the surrounding area.
  • When they often fall down or slide while walking.
  • When their tread is graceless and unstable.
  • When their shoes lose their shape or are worn out in a short time.

85% of children aged between 6 months and 5 years old have some degree of flatfeet. This is because there is a thick layer of fat on their sole since their infancy, which gradually subsides as the muscles begin to strengthen and their foot arch is fully formed.

Kids Arch Support Insoles
Kids Arch Support Insoles
Kids Arch Support Insoles
Christou 1910 Kids Monster

The Monsters!!

The vivid imagination of children is triggered by fantasy worlds, superheroes and imaginary monsters! Our main desire is to catch the attention of everyone no matter their age, and set as a priority the proper development of the child’s foot. This is why we asked the French-Canadian illustrator and author of children’s books, Elise Gravel, to lend us some of her book characters and thus we created the collection of the anatomical insoles Monsters! It’s definitely worth your attention.

Christou 1910 Kids Monster Christou 1910 Kids Monster
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