Toe Cushion Tube for Calluses with Bio-Organic Essential Oils

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Many of us sacrifice a lot in the name of sports or beauty… A triathlon champion, a marathon runner or just a woman who often wears her high heels will confirm it. Christou 1910 is there for every single one of you who constantly stress your toes due to intense exercise and sport activities, as well as for all women who do not want to sacrifice their style, but they demand comfort in their every step! This protective tube is saturated into a healing combination of medical grade essential oils (the purest you can find in nature) and can provide multiple benefits. It softens, prevents their creation and eliminates calluses through regular use, soothes and regenerates the skin with a strong healing action, relieves from pain and reduces the friction between toes and shoes. Last but not least, it gives a cool feeling of freshness and health in the foot thanks to the therapeutic aromatic particles released onto your skin in just 2′ from the moment you wear it! Wash it with lukewarm water.

Certified essential oil of the Greek fauna and specifically originated in Parnonas. An oil with the most potent effect in wounds and inflammation. Analgesic, powerful in healing and regenerating the skin, muscle toner, it can soothe in a unique way, bone and muscle inflammation.

Rosemary Camphor
Analgesic action due to hyperaemia at the specific area. It will increase the blood flow in the leg of the callus from vasodilation, which will cause a sense of heat and local anesthesia. It also contains monoterpenic ketone (anticorrosive).

Atlas Cedar
Unique moisturizing action, with significant disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, remedial and healing properties. It maintains the balance in cell regeneration with concomitant therapeutic action. Stimulates keratinocyte synthesis in the epidermis.

Mentha Piperita
Immediate effect anesthetic through cold, analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory.

Maritime Pine
The essential oil of terebinethine contains mostly monoterpenes (alpha and beta-pinene) that fight hyperkeratosis. It also contains alpine pinenum which having healing properties strengthens the action of the Atlantic cedar, and helps significantly to soften the calluses and gradually eliminate them in the most natural way.

Bio-organic essential oils are living, natural extracts with a given life span. Every time they come in contact with your skin the patch releases its remedial mix, which is absorbed immediately through the foot’s skin. Regular use of the patches helps the problematic area heal, and relieves it from pain immediately, while receiving the maximum therapeutic potential of the essential oils, which act not only as a spa but also as a natural painkiller in the area. Forget all about pain the moment you put it on!

It's so
  1. Put the aid next to the toe you want to cover and size it up.
  2. Cut the aid with scissors in the desired length.
  3. Put your toe through the tube.
  4. The essential oils are released even while you are wearing your socks or tights.
  5. Put on your shoes and… off you go!
Toe Cushion Tube for Calluses with Bio-Organic Essential Oils
Toe Cushion Tube for Calluses with Bio-Organic Essential Oils


Therefore, we in Christou1910, with an absolute respect to people’s need for solutions of high quality and good health, we turned to nature to find a cure for the common problems our feet may have. We believe that what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. Taking an inquiring look around the enchanting kingdom of nature, in plant therapy and essential oils, you will discover that their vital energy and healing properties are inconceivable.


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