Top Ankle Support With 4 Flexible Side Stays

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Christou 1910 ankle support was designed to support injured or weak ankles and protect them from lesion or painful sprains. Enabling blood flow in the ankle area, it helps the muscles and the joints to warm up and offers relief from pain and swelling. The adjustable Velcro straps stabilize the joint and ensure a perfect fit, while the flexible side stays – 2 in every side of the ankle – permit even the most intense move with maximum safety! Amazingly light and comfortable with an open heel for freedom of movement, it can be worn all day, every day without stressing the foot. Finally, thanks to its smart design, it fits perfectly in both right and left foot and can be worn with all our shoes – yes, even with heels or moccasins. Just like all our products it can be hand washed in cold water.

100% healthy move 100% safe&strong 100% cool!

Basketball? Football? Running? Cycling? Climbing? Crossfit? TRX? Acrobatics? Ankle sensitivity? No matter how you spend your day, Christou 1910 ankle support provides maximum protection, comfort and safety! It is also ideal for people who have already injured their ankle and are trying to recover.

Ankle sprain is statistically the most common injury of the human body. Intensive training – especially without a warm up – a wrong step on a bumpy road, a slippery pavement, very high heels, rushing to get somewhere, the rush of adrenaline in a specific time, or being careless on the stairs, can be the reason to injure our ankle. It is estimated that all people will suffer from a sprained ankle at least once in their lifetime, while 50% of them will injure both feet.

It's so
  1. Put on the ankle brace over the sock until it fits well on the heel.
  2. Tighten up the adjustable Velcro until you feel the brace stabilized on your ankle.
  3. It can be worn with any pair of shoes.
  4. Tie up your shoe laces and enjoy more movement and more safety.
Top Ankle Support With 4 Flexible Side Stays
Top Ankle Support With 4 Flexible Side Stays
Top Ankle Support With 4 Flexible Side Stays
Top Ankle Support With 4 Flexible Side Stays


All health and medical products should be neither unattractive nor boring. With this in mind we worked along with the edgy and multi-awarded designer Ioannis Solomozis with whom we created the Oxygen collection! Combining technical expertise and modern aesthetics as well as usability, we transformed them into appealing and beautiful health accessories, which are not to be hidden but you feel great putting them on.

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