Advanced Wrist Support With Silicone Pad

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Straining the wrist can be done in many different ways… No matter how you did it, Christou 1910 offers an” advanced” way for relief. This wrist support relaxes the wrist joint in a unique way, speeds up the rehabilitation process and soothes the pain. When wearing it, the silicon pad massages the joint, improving the blood flow while the adjustable Velcro holds the wrist steady and protected, without putting too much pressure. It’s high time you enjoyed evry moment painfree, with more comfort and attitude. Just like all our products, it is hand washed in cold water.

Are you a tech freak? Do you spend all day together with your keyboard, the mouse, your cellphone or tablet? Are you a graphic designer, a web developer, a chef, a Master chef, an amateur or pro basketball player? Perhaps a barista? Do you do any sports (tennis, beach rackets, golf, crossfit, boxing, volleyball) or a manual labor which stresses or strains your wrist? Don’t just wait until you develop a wrist sensitivity or even worse the carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis due to overusing this joint? Take precautions and wear the wrist support glove! It’s so easy and breezy!

The wrist is one of the most important joints of the human body since it controls a number of everyday movements: from grabbing a fork to writing an e-mail. 1 out of 20 adults are having trouble with their wrist. How many of our friends have the carpal tunnel syndrome? Overstressing or improper use of the joint can affect every aspect of our daily life in a way we can’t even imagine, leaving us alone with the unpleasant feeling of pain.

It's so
  1. Place the silicon pad on the inner part of the wrist.
  2. Wrap the brace around your wrist like a bracelet.
  3. Adjust the Velcro to hold the wrist steady, without being too tight.
Advanced Wrist Support With Silicone Pad
Advanced Wrist Support With Silicone Pad
Advanced Wrist Support With Silicone Pad
Advanced Wrist Support With Silicone Pad


All health and medical products should be neither unattractive nor boring. With this in mind we worked along with the edgy and multi-awarded designer Ioannis Solomozis with whom we created the Oxygen collection! Combining technical expertise and modern aesthetics as well as usability, we transformed them into appealing and beautiful health accessories, which are not to be hidden but you feel great putting them on.

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