Posture Corrector Back Support for Proper Body Posture

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Against slouching, appropriate for adults and children.

Our back posture corrector brace is going to be our favorite daily habit. Made with skin-friendly materials and soft cushions under the armpits, it assists the back to stretch naturally and relieves the spine, neck and nape from strain. 30 minutes to 1 hour a day is enough to make us feel the difference and help our core to straighten up, rest and regain gradually its beautiful upright and firm posture. Especially for you that you are slouching, the corrector brace will be your inner voice, reminding you to walk, sit and even stand properly. What are you waiting for? Go out and try the most precious jewel of our collection. And just like all our products it can be hand washed in cold water.

Do you put in long hours at the office? Have you got the cervical syndrome? Any headaches? Do you feel your muscles tight and rigid? Is your left hand going numb at times? Every day you make a commitment to correct your body posture at work, at home, when you’re out for a walk, in every routine task, but you only seem to remember it when your neck or back starts becoming tight and aching. Since childhood, are you told to stop slouching? Is there a tendency for scoliosis or kyphosis? You’d better try Christou 1910 back posture corrector brace now not only to seem but also to really feel better at every moment, no matter where you are.

Bending over your p.c. all day long, being tight from stress and anxiety, your spine is crushed in pain and therefore protests. A good massage would be ideal, some special stretching or even more preferable a getaway to an exotic resort without any “have to” or “to do” lists. Unfortunately, reality is quite different so we’d better listen to what our body says and needs and get as much rest as possible. Studies have shown that 6 weeks is all it takes to take up a new habit. Is the time now?

It's so
  1. Unfold the brace and hold it upright in a Y shape.
  2. Bring the top 2 sides around your shoulders just like putting on a school bag.
  3. Adjust the straps to make them fit properly under your armpits.
  4. Grab the other 2 back straps and pull them to the front.
  5. Cross one over the other under your chest to fasten the brace.
Ιμάντας Έλξης για Ενήλικες και Παιδιά
Ιμάντας Έλξης για Ενήλικες και Παιδιά
Posture Corrector Back Support for Proper Body Posture


All health and medical products should be neither unattractive nor boring. With this in mind we worked along with the edgy and multi-awarded designer Ioannis Solomozis with whom we created the Oxygen collection! Combining technical expertise and modern aesthetics as well as usability, we transformed them into appealing and beautiful health accessories, which are not to be hidden but you feel great putting them on.

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