Silicone Tennis Elbow Support & Compression Sleeve

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Christou 1910 tennis elbow brace with the magic silicon pad creates a protective shield under the elbow while at the same time gives a mild massage to the joint, preventing it from swelling. The compression sleeve improves blood circulation and as a result the muscles are activated and warmed up, in order to eliminate injuries and speed up the healing process. They could be worn together or separately, depending on your needs. Ensuring maximum performance in every task, our products are specially designed to offer freedom of movement, without being uncomfortable or making you warm. Just like all our products, they should be hand washed in cold water.

Is Epicondylitis knocking on your door? Are you a dentist, a hair stylist, an artist or a chef? Perhaps you type too much; Are you the sporty type, doing sports affecting your arm or sports involving falling down such as basketball, football, golf, cycling, climbing or skiing? Do you often lean on your elbows in your profession or out of habbit? Whichever is your case, the parallel use of Christou’s 1910 compression sleeve and the elbow brace will provide you with advanced life quality in your daily tasks. Try them on now!

Tennis elbow, student elbow… No matter how you call it, epicondylitis is most common among people between 35-55 years old. Overusing your elbow, doing repetitive movements, the continuous pressure against rough surfaces, clicking the mouse non-stop can actually injure the elbow. Both men and women are equally affected. Although the name “tennis elbow” has prevailed, it seems that racket sports are only to blame for the 5% of the cases.

It's so
  1. You put on the compression sleeve pulling it upwards.
  2. You lay it out to cover the arm properly from your upper arm to the wrist.
  3. You take the elbow brace and open up the Velcro.
  4. The secret is the silicon pad…
  5. Let the brace slide over the sleeve.
  6. Adjust the velcro for a steady fit without being too tight.
Silicone Tennis Elbow Support & Compression Sleeve
Silicone Tennis Elbow Support & Compression Sleeve
Silicone Tennis Elbow Support & Compression Sleeve


All health and medical products should be neither unattractive nor boring. With this in mind we worked along with the edgy and multi-awarded designer Ioannis Solomozis with whom we created the Oxygen collection! Combining technical expertise and modern aesthetics as well as usability, we transformed them into appealing and beautiful health accessories, which are not to be hidden but you feel great putting them on.

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