Toe Ring Separator


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Some toes are naughtier than others and won’t stay in place or perhaps you have noticed that a bunion has started to make its appearance. As a result, the big toe starts pushing the others causing overlapping and deformation. Christou 1910 toe ring separator is here to put everything back in place. With anatomic design and soft touch, not only does it keep toes separated, preventing overlapping, but it also helps them stay always in place. What is more, abrasion is minimal, and injuries caused by corns or toenails are significantly reduced. This definitely leads to better foot balance. Frequent and, even better, daily use of this aid could even change your foot’s appearance, since the big toe is gradually being “trained” to maintain its proper position and is self-regulated. It is hand washed in lukewarm water.

A slight disorder on your foot movement can at times lead to problems in the upper joints of the body, causing pain and distress in the knees, hips and lower back. So listen to your body and seek the appropriate solution!

It's so
  1. Place the separator among the three middle toes.
  2. Move your toes to ensure a proper fit.
  3. The silicone will gradually take the shape of your sole.
  4. Put on your socks or tights.
  5. Put on your shoes and… off you go!
Toe Ring Separator
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