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4 Generations

of history & evolution
Our story
1st Generation
1878 – 1952

The Beginning

Christos Christou, the founder of Christou 1910, is born and spends his entire childhood in Polichnitos, Lesvos. In 1910, he moves to Athens where he becomes a pharmacist. He creates "ETHNIKON", and by recruiting the most specialized craftsmen from Italy, transforms it into a state-of-the-art, for the time, small industry for orthopedic products. The workshop produces a great variety of medical products, many of which are patented in Greece as well as abroad.

Our story

One of the most renowned products in the pharmacy is the hernia support belt. Those suffering from hernias have now the chance to avoid surgery, an especially painful procedure at the time, wearing these special belts that relieve pain and reduce the size of the hernias.

Our story

The first major awards in international exhibitions abroad make their appearance from early on. The braces and supports products are awarded a patent prize in one of the most important international exhibitions in Milan.

Our story

Reality comes to put a halt to the high-flying plans of Christos Christou. The workshop adjusts its production to meet the tremendous needs created by the Second World War. The need for gauze and plasters reaches 1.5 million tons a day. The pharmacy is completely destroyed and 4 years later, the man behind this idea passed away.

Our story
2nd Generation

Every End is a New Beginning

The reins are now taken over by the sons of the founder, led by Alexandros Christou. He broadens the variety of the products with orthopedic ones, elastic socks and eyewear. The imports from abroad are continued, mainly from Italy. Soon, the company turns into one of the most profitable businesses of the time. The name of the company is now well known throughout Greece. Even during the Occupation, you see advertisements of the pharmacy in junkyards, central streets of Athens, as well as in remote provincial towns all over the country.

Our story

A monopolistic partnership with the German SOMSO Anatomy House is established. The company imports models, maps and anatomic works, educational nursing dolls and anatomical models, while it also supplies every university room and medical laboratory in the country.

Our story

Always a pioneer, "Christou" is the first to import specialized blood pressure monitors.

Our story
3rd Generation
1980 - 2010


Christos Christou is now taking over, not only bearing the family name but also the business spirit of his grandfather. Working in the family business since he was 15 years old, he has comprehensive knowledge of the subject in every technical and business aspect. Along with domestic production, Christos Christou also imports high-quality products from all over the world. He keeps track of the demand flow and adjusts the orders by always keeping his finger on the pulse of the market. Restless and hardworking, he expands his clientele steadily. Customers are the main focus of his philosophy and action.

Our story
80’- 90’

Understanding the importance of promoting products visually, he invests in the decoration and presentation of the store's displays in the most innovative way. You can now tell that the store is - and actually seems - overstocked.

Our story

Christos Christou is totally committed to the business. Absence and days off are words unknown to him… Through his sincere intentions and constant hard work he keeps faithful customers. Each product is created and intended to fill the patients'particular needs.

Our story
4th Generation


Staying true to tradition, the family character of the company continues, passing on to Alexandra Christou and her husband Dimitris Hadjikokkinos. Having profound knowledge of their business field, they are here to carry on with the vision of her family and develop it, as every generation has done, a step further. Alexandra and Dimitris are introducing a new approach that combines design with functionality, the holistic approach with the know-how, as well as science and tradition with contemporary needs.

Our story

Modern lifestyle dictates fast-pace rhythms. Christou 1910 aims at having its products easily and immediately available to the public. Thus, for the first time, it forms partnerships with well-known Super Market chains, offering stylish and top quality health solutions to a wider audience.

Our story

Aesthetics comes to the foreground. Christou 1910 is now collaborating with the most prominent designers of the domestic and international artistic scene and launches its first collection. Ioannis Solomozis is in charge of the pattern design and Elise Gravel brings color and animation to the children's insoles.

Our story

Nature and physiology: A holistic approach!
The company pioneers by introducing the science of clinical aromatherapy to footcare solutions for common discomforts (e.g. corn, calluses, bunions, blisters e.t.c.). The aids are saturated in essential oils of medical grade and therefore provide multi-level care and protection.

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