Graduated Compression Knee-High Sports Socks

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Resistance to the laws of gravity!

Blood must be able to “run” free throughout the body, just like athletes do! Graduated compression knee-high sports socks – exerting greater pressure on the ankle and gradually decreasing this pressure up to the knee – fight gravity and send the blood upwards, providing the muscles with more oxygen! The result? Better performance, increased stamina and stability, fewer injuries – soreness, cramps, Achilles tendon protection – and faster recovery! How? They relieve the muscles after a tiring workout by reducing lactose levels and eliminating the hydrogen ions, which are responsible for the pain. With their smart knit that allow the legs to breathe, the CoolMax innovative fibers regulate temperature and keep the moisture inside, the odors and sweat away from your legs and from your shoes as well. Try them on and you will experience a sporting experience with more safety and energy.

The first time you put on the graduated compression sports socks, you might feel a slight pressure on your legs. Don’t worry though! Give your body a little time to get used to it and your legs will immediately experience the energy-boosting effect of compression.

When sports design is combined with high-performance materials, you have a fitting effect. The special knit (46% polyamide, 44% coolmax, 10% elastane) allows the skin to breathe through special ventilation channels, while the innovative CoolMax fibers regulate temperature and humidity levels, keeping the leg dry, preventing the development of unpleasant odors, bacteria and fungi. The reinforced heel and ankle knit offers extra comfort and protection against movement shocks, while the compressive action of the sock supports the foot arch and provides the athlete with greater stamina and durability.

Professional or amateur athletes and individuals exercising regularly or less regularly. Running, cycling, crossfit, TRX, football, yoga, pilates, skiing, horseback riding, climbing, extreme sports… Even in athletes with an Achilles tendon, it was immediately noticed that pain and swelling started to regress! No matter what sport you are in, one thing is for sure: Graduated compression socks will help you perform better and properly.

It has been noticed that by using the graduated compression socks, a Marathon runner can improve his time by 5%. It should also be noted that in athletes suffering from Achilles tendon, pain and swelling started to regress immediately.

Graduated Compression Knee-High Sports Socks
Graduated Compression Knee-High Sports Socks
Graduated Compression Knee-High Sports Socks
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