Graduated Compression Maternity Tights 140 Den

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Especially designed for super mamas-to-be!

Having a child is a life changing experience! You do not need however, to experience any kind of change to your legs… These graduated compression tights are specifically designed to support you through this delicate period of your life, ensuring good blood circulation. Through the relieving action of massaging and constantly exerting pressure on your legs – carrying the weight of two people now – phlebitis and varicose veins are prevented and swelling, fatigue and pain are dramatically decreased. Ultra-durable, they support your every activity and help you stay active. They can be worn from the first day you learn the best news of your life! No matter how big your belly grows, the net in the front is very elastic and will follow the gradual growth of the abdomen without pressing it at all. It only supports! We can’t wait for you to hold your baby in your arms!

The elastic, double knit (75% polyamide, 25% elastane) embraces your legs and belly, leaving them with an exceptionally gentle and warm feeling, ideal for all cold – and not only – days of the year. Their high-tech fibers provide a wonderful, matte finish and cover the imperfections for smooth and well-formed legs and are specially designed so as not to lose their elasticity even after daily use. Ensuring comfort and beauty at every step, the reinforced seamless ending holds the tights firm without letting them slip, without being tight and without making seams on your back and tummy visible

We all need to be pampered and cared after… so do our clothes! Treat your tights gently and keep them brand new for a very long time, following two simple tips! If you have time, it is best to wash them by hand with lukewarm water and a mild detergent, rubbing gently. If not, put them in a protective net or pillowcase and set your washing machine in the sensitive clothes programme. Don’t forget! Proper care is very important, especially for the clothes we wear and “mistreat” everyday!

30% of women during their first pregnancy and 55% of women who have had two or more pregnancies get varicose veins. During pregnancy, additional blood is produced for the development of the fetus and therefore the pressure exerted on the vessels and the veins of the legs is increased. As a result, the vessels cannot take all this weight and burst.

It's so
  1. Remove the tights from their case. Save the 2 white “buttons” because you will need them afterwards.
  2. Put them on as you would wear your ordinary tights.
  3. Pull the elastic net upwards to hug the entire belly.
Graduated Compression Maternity Tights 140 Den
Graduated Compression Maternity Tights 140 Den
Graduated Compression Maternity Tights 140 Den
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