Botanical Kids Insoles

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Smell of… childhood memories!

There’s nothing better than linking endless run, mischief and outdoor strolls for fun
and play with vivid notes of essential oils in every step our kids take!

Christou 1910 botanical kids insoles, based on clinical aromatherapy science, are
specially designed to offer to our kids’ ever-moving little feet all the care they need,
bringing nature’s wisdom to their shoes!

100% Organic extracts of Tea-tree, Orange, Wild Mint and Fresh Petitgrain, absorb every unpleasant odor, thus creating a friendly, comfortable environment to our kids’ feet. A cool sense of freshness and cleanliness
accompanies our little ones till the end of the day!

Insoles find their proper “home” inside children’s shoes, acting like a soft mattress to
their tender feet. Their special composition of natural, soft latex prevents friction
and injuries, allowing them to continue stepping into the world of their fantasy,
protected and carefree!

Children tend to overlook sense of discomfort from its start, so we have gathered
some important indications to help you detect the forming of fungus early on:

The main symptom for the development of fungi inside the shoe, which in turn
migrates to kid’s feet, is intense itchiness. The child scratches repeatedly,
complaining about a sense of burn, the area progressively produces a rash, or
whitens and cracks like dry skin, often accompanied by a bad smell.

  • Children spend about 30 hours per week wearing their daily shoes. It is
    important that they have a proper fit and enough space, allowing the feet to
  • The most common fungal infection in children is between their toes’ area,
    also known as “athlete’s foot”.
  • This type of fungus thrives in moisture, preferring wet and warm areas, so it
    usually grows between the toes that sweat more often inside the shoes.
    That’s why it’s good to replace kid’s insole often if you notice that they are
Botanical Kids Insoles
Botanical Kids Insoles
Botanical Kids Insoles
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